Simone's Family

I am a Coste through my mother, Joy, who migrated to Los Angeles from New Orleans [pronounced "New Ah-lense"]  with her parents when she was just a young lass.  In the summer of 1999, my mother traveled back to New Orleans, LO (after a very long absence) to catch up with our family and to do a bit of hunting/gathering for family information.  ;-}

Thanks to my Mom (for doing the traveling) and all of my relatives (for supplying sooo much info.)  in New Orleans, I've been able to compile a much more complete look at the Coste/Columbel tree.  Listed below are the Descendant files.

I am a Holbert through my father, Ed Sr., who migrated to Los Angeles from Ohio in the 60s, following the trail blazed by his uncle's Richard, Jim, David & Carl. Our family history from my grandmother's generation, going back to the 1700s, was most impressively gathered by Alvin Adams (son of Ada and one of Ed. Sr's first cousin).  However, suffice it to say, that those Holberts are a prolific bunch.  ;-}  The generations since have had a lot to add to the overall tree.  Inspired by Alvin's accomplishment, I began the task of updating his family information with the newer generations now living in the Southern California area.

I've had a lot of support from everyone.  Most notably Shirley Ann Brown (daughter of Jim and another of Ed Sr's first cousins).  I'd also like to thank everyone who's filled out those annoying forms and who has added their information to the ever changing/growing tree.  Listed below are various Descendant files for the top persons from Alvin's research and for the five branches of California Holberts.

I am a Lojeck by marriage.  On July 13, 1996, Brian Christopher Lojeck made me the happiest woman alive.  ;-}  We met at USC (FIGHT ON!) in the Aerospace Engineering department.  I, a Los Angeles native, naturally chose the finest school in the city.  However, Brian, relocated from the east coast to attend USC.  His mom and brother currently reside in Brooklyn, New York.  Our children will need to know about their family lines both through their mother and father.  As such, we are currently gathering information on the Lojecks!

Thanks to my Mother-n-Law, Donna, for supplying the information on the Thomas's and Lojeck's.  Listed below are the Descendant files for the oldest ancesters on each "branch".

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